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Medscape UK:
Keyhole Procedure for Mitral Regurgitation Finally Available in the UK After Decades-Long Delay

June 24th 2022


Med-Tech News:
TEER heart surgery involving clips rolled out across NHS

June 23rd 2022

National Health Executive:
Life-saving treatment tackling heart disease to launch in UK

June 21st 2022

The Herald: 
Mitral valve repair procedure to be rolled out across UK

June 21st 2022

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The Times.jpg

The Times: 
Hope for heart patients as keyhole procedure finally wins NHS funds

June 20th 2022

Sunday Telegraph.jpg

The Sunday Telegraph: Keyhole heart surgery that closes ‘leaky valves’ available in England

June 19th 2022

Daily Mail: How more than 40,000 patients are denied the keyhole heart operation that could save their life... 

30th April 2022

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National Health Executive: Valve for Life Launch

December 16th 2020


Clinical Services Journal: Fast Track Pathway For Heart Valve Disease To Be Launched

December 8th 2020

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Valve for Life Launch Featured in 'The House'

December 8th 2020

GM Journal: New 'Valve for Life' Initiative Launched for Aortic Stenosis

December 10th 2020


Valve for Life UK Launches with Westminster Roundatable Event

December 8th 2020


The Guardian: How a Quick Operation can
Correct Heart Valve Disease

September 29, 2020


Valve For Life UK TAVI Survey 

May 14th 2020

V4L Committee Established

February 27th 2020


UK Awarded Valve For Life Funding

February 19th 2020

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