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Heart Valve Voice’s National Education Campaign, in collaboration with Valve for Life UK, wins World Heart Federation Award for Creative Campaign

June 1st 2023

Heart Valve Voice’s National Education Campaign aimed to teach half a million over 65s about heart valve disease, its symptoms, and how they're detected and treated.

Exceeding their goal, the campaign reached millions of over 65s, through a combination of activities, including half a million visits to their website where individuals learnt about the signs and symptoms of valve disease.

In addition to their website success, Heart Valve Voice, in collaboration with Valve for Life UK, organised a UK-wide tour, where our big blue bus parked in cities across the UK giving out free heart checks to members of the public.

The buses were a huge hit, receiving hundreds of visits in every city. The onboard Consultant Cardiologists found suspected heart conditions in 7-15% of those who visited the bus, and as a result, were referred for further treatment. In addition to stethoscope tests, people were educated on the signs and symptoms of heart disease, to help recognise the signs in themselves and others.

The World Heart Federation award recognises the ambition of Heart Valve Voice’s campaign, its creativity, and its impact on cardiovascular health in the UK, and Valve for Life UK are very proud to have played a small part in its success.

Heart Valve Voice Executive Director, Wil Woan, said: "I'm incredibly proud to see our Education Campaign recognised with this prestigious award. Huge credit must go to the team, who worked tirelessly on this campaign throughout the year, and whose ambition and dedication to helping others drove the campaign forward and helped it us exceed our goals."

Dr Jonathan Byrne, Head of Valve for Life UK commented on the award win: ”We’re delighted to be involved in part of this magnificent campaign. The bus tour fully aligns with our goals as an initiative to educate the public on heart conditions and therapies as well as help increase access to transcatheter heart therapies. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

We have more activities planned over the next year to expand the bus tour, further increase the education available about Heart Valve Disease and help those with a suspected heart condition, who may not have previously known it. Find out more about our upcoming activity at

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