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A collaboration with Heart Valve Voice and Medtronic

In 2023 Valve for life have toured the UK with Heart Valve Voice in Medtronic's educational bus. The bus tour offered over 4,500 stethoscope checks and discussed symptoms of Heart Valve Disease and preventative actions which can be  taken to reduce your risk.


This year, the Medtronic bus has been replaced with a new truck with a new look! You will be able to access free heart health checks by NHS Nurses and Doctors at various locations around the country. 

Details of the next event:

Announcement coming soon 

 Follow on social media for more updates: @HeartValveVoice and @UKValve for more updates.

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International Women's Day Event

The bus visited Battersea park on 8 March to highlight the gender health gap where 122 women and 49 men had their heart health checks. As a result; 9 people had  a cardiac condition detected. 

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