Valve for Life Bus Tour

A collaboration with Heart Valve Voice and Medtronic

Valve for life will be touring the UK with Heart Valve Voice in Medtronic's educational bus! We'll be talking to the public about the symptoms of Heart Valve Disease and discuss preventative action you can take to reduce your risk. We will also be doing stethoscope checks on every person we speak to, to see how healthy your heart may be. 

We would love to see you there, here are the dates and locations. Follow @HeartValveCdn and @UKvalve for more updates and to see the specific location of the bus :

Leeds - September 23rd 2021

Birmingham - February 4th 2022

Liverpool - April 1st 2022

Wolverhampton - April 26th 2022

Brighton - May 24th 2022

Edinburgh - June 9th 2022

Cardiff - July 22nd

Manchester - August 10th 2022

London - September 2022

Coventry - November 2022

Southampton - November 2022

Middlesborough - December 2022

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