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Valve For Life UK TAVI Survey 

May 14th 2020

Valve For Life sent out a survey to all 35 TAVI centres in England to understand the different challenges faced in regions and centres around the country and find out what the current capacity is for TAVI in England.

The survey asked how many TAVI procedures took places in 2019 and how many were expected in 2020, as well as how many TAVI operators the centre has, and how many days per week the centre had a TAVI list. This helped to assess current capacity in England and how this is likely to change moving forward. In addition, the survey questioned what challenges the individual centres face and what barriers to expansion they experience. This helped to uncover any problems within referral processes and helped to unveil how the system could be changed across the board to

The committee has reviewed the results of this important survey and as a result will look to establish a draft proposal for a TAVI fast-track pathway, with the aim of implementing the pathway within all centres within the UK to improve the processes for diagnosing Aortic Stenosis and ensuring treatment is available quickly. Watch this space for more news about the proposed pathway and other achievements from Valve for Life UK.

You can see the survey results in the button below.

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